I Can Tell You How to Get to Sesame Street

As you may have heard, Sesame Street is coming to Port Aventura World in Europe. I was part of the creative of this amazing new attraction by Sally Dark Rides. This mighty team of 4 cranked on the scenic design for this amazing dark ride. This was a great experience that was lead by the brilliant Brian Morrow with the creative lead by Greg Crane. I can’t wait to share the final ride when it opens next year.



IP with wings: Rovio’s location-based entertainment strategy for Angry Birds

About a year and half ago, while at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, I was working on concept art to try to bring the world of Angry Birds to the SeaWorld Parks as themed land. Unfortunately, due to SeaWorld’s financial struggles at the time, this idea was left on the drawing table. I just recently read that Rovio (the company that owns Angry Birds) is looking to do that exact thing… bring the Angry Birds world to theme parks. Below is a link the to the article along with my concept art I did for an Angry Bird themed land.

Universal Creative

I am a little late posting this, but I am excited to share that I will be a designer working for Universal Creative. I have always enjoyed Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and now to be able to design for these great parks is an amazing opportunity!


A Frame Art of Goofy's Candy Company

When I was working for Disney, I was able to design promotional posters for Goofy's Candy Company. These posters were fun to work and each of them needed to have a different a look and feel.

For Goofy's Glaciers, I used the Goofy's Glacier brand that had already been established, with fun colors and a good character pose, this poster was a blast to work on.

For Goofy's breakfast, this poster was targeted towards adults who needed a good cup of coffee to get there day started. I used the branding from the already established Mickey's Swell Coffee, but used a warm color palette with a font that that someone may seen in a Starbucks. This was another fun poster and the design was so much different then Goofy's Glaciers.


Vader time of the Year!

It's that time of year where we celebrates by being around the ones we care about... Luke, Leia, Rey and even Kylo. Yes, it's Star Wars time of year! ... and its also Christmas too. To celebrate I did a quick illustration combing two of my favorite characters, the Grinch and Darth Vader. Happy Star Wars Season to everyone!


Mono Line of the Flower and Garden Festival

Over the past few years I have been inspired by mono line designs and the simplicity that they convey. By just using lines, it makes the designer really work on how the lines work with one another, how color will be used and how the design and background interact with one another. I wanted to try this style for myself and thought what better way then design a festival or an event. I have always enjoyed EPCOT's Flower and Garden Festival and thought the images of flowers would work well with this style. Below you will see how EPCOT's Flower and Garden Festival, using this mono line style could look.


(Angry) Birds of a feather flock together

I often look to films to inspire for ride ideas, but there are those films that inspire me to design a whole land. When I saw the Angry Birds Movie (which was a fun movie, for those of you who haven't seen it) the characters and environment in which the movie takes place was fun and rich with ideas that i designed a few rides. The rides range from an interactive shooter, like Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin to a Soarin' type of ride called "Mighty Eagles; Mighty Flight to a classic dark ride where you see Red rescue the eggs from King Mudbeard. Maybe one day, I will be able to share Angry Birds Land with everyone.


Deep Blue

About 3 months ago, I joined the Deep Blue Creative at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment as a theme graphic designer. This is great opportunity to work with some amazing artist and designers to help reimagine what the new generation of SeaWorld parks will be!


Making the Mickey Marathon

While at Disney, I was able to design the graphics for the runDisney Marathon Expos. I was able to design for many of the races including the Princess Half Marathon, the Wine and Dine Marathon and my favorite, Walt Disney World Marathon. For the Walt Disney World Marathon, each race was named after one of the big 3; Mickey, Goofy and Donald. Below you can see just a sample of the banners I did for the Walt Disney World Marathon.

Finding your Fun

While at Thinkwell Group. I worked with Nickelodeon to create a way finding signage system for a family entertainment center that they were developing. The signage system needed to feel modern with a touch of Nickelodeon fun. I came up with a style that uses a layered translucent material with a slime looking texture on top of an aluminum backing panel. This created a layered look and with the drip shapes at the bottom, the signage feels as it is dripping with slime. For the family entertainment center, Nickelodeon wanted a large map sign of the center as well as different directional signage that can be placed throughout. Here you will see concepts drawings, color studies and Sketchup models of this way finding system.


 © Nickelodeon

© Nickelodeon

The Story Teller's Trailer

Sometimes the best ideas never see the light of day. While working at Thinkwell, I was part of the design team working on a theme park in China called the Monkey King. The park was themed on the classic stories of the Monkey King fables. In the “Main Street” area of the park, there was going to be an old trailer with a story teller that was going to tell the tale of the Monkey King using elaborate puppets. This trailer was going to be the stage for his puppets to tell these stories. Here you will see sketches, artwork and a 3D model of what the puppet trailer was going to be.

100 Years of Red Cross Greatness

The American Red Cross is celebrating 100 years in Los Angeles. For this centennial celebration, I was asked to design a “100 years” logo and marketing campaign. They wanted the look to be modern and trendy, in other words, they wanted the design to be very “LA”. My concept for the logo was to keep it very clean an simple, but making the "LA" very trendy and iconic. For the marketing, I used a geometric pattern that was developed from the letter “A” and incorporated pictures of the city into the tonal background.

Nick Nacks

Subscription gift box that give fans one of kind merchandise have become very popular over the last 3 years. Companies like Loot Crate, Kawaii Box and My Geek Box have become very popular with subscription gift boxes. Larger companies have now started to play with this idea. Marvel has launched“Marvel Collector Corp” and Warner Bros have launched the “The Wizarding World Crate”. Nickelodeon also wants to join in with the subscription box service and I worked on a concept with their brand called “Nick Nacks”. This box plays with there brand and famous characters. I used their main green color that Nickelodeon has made famous from their slime and did a tonal green version of all the cartoon characters. For the edges and for the main logo, I used the official orange color and the “splat” icon that they made famous with their brand since the early 90’s. With all these different elements and styles, it all came together very nicely. And who doesn’t like to have “Nick Nacks”.

 © Nickelodeon

© Nickelodeon

 © Nickelodeon

© Nickelodeon

An incredible Marathon

Run Disney has grown in popularity in the past 10 years. They have added races such as the Super Heroes Half Marathon that is based around Marvel’s Avengers and the Star Wars Half Marathon (they have a light side marathon and a dark side marathon) to go with their already popular marathons such as the Disneyland Half Marathon and the Walt Disney World Marathon. All the major franchise are represented from Lucas to Marvel to Disney…except one. And that is Pixar. So I designed a marathon based around the Incredibles. The reason I chose the incredibles over other themes like, Toy Story or Monsters Inc. was that the Run Disney Marathons are about families and they have races for all ages, from a baby crawl to a race for kids to the full marathon for adults. I thought what better theme then a family of super hero’s to have a marathon for a family of runners. You will see my concept design for this idea, that I call the Incredible Marathon.

Running with the runDisney app

Run Disney has grown in popularity over the past 10 years. With the massive growth of the events, both at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, more and more people are signing up for the different marathon events. I felt that run Disney and the participates could benefit from a running app. I designed a run Disney app that helps runners train for the marathons that they are running by keeping progress of there running workout. This app would allow people to register for the marathons through the app with a “one touch” register. It would allow you access to coaching help, nutrition advice and even allow you to buy the newest run Disney apparel and much more. I am hoping, one day, that this app will be part of the run Disney experience.

Year of the Rabbit

What better to celebrate 2016, then New Years at Disney's Pleasure Island. Every night at midnight, "New Year's Eve" was celebrated with a fireworks show. This tradition lasted from 1990 through New Year's Eve 2005. I designed a couple shirts featuring Jessica Rabbit that was inspired by the large sign of her welcoming you to Pleasure Island. The shirt colors and type were inspired by Pleasure Island logo with a vintage touch.



What Walt Said...

I was able to work merchandise based around famous quotes from Walt Disney. These are probably two of the most famous quotes Disney said and are quotes that can be found in Disneyland. I didn't want to have any images that would take away from the quotes, but by using different fonts, make the quotes a graphic in itself.


2015 D23 Expo

I worked with Mickey’s of Glendale to create merchandise for the D23 Expo. I was inspired by art that was on an old Disneyland bag from the 1980’s. I recreated the art and gave it a fresh update. The new Disneyland icon art was used on many products from T-shirts to pins and much more.